Citroën Commercial: The Sleeping Supporter

Citroën Commercial: The Sleeping Supporter

Citroën and advertising agency Les Gaulois have released this unbelievable video ad recently.

The spot takes place somewhere in France. A man wakes up from what later appears to be a four year long sleep. His long beard and hair make him look like a cave man. However, it isn’t important to his dog, who comes to greet him. When he meets his family, they are in awe. However, there is a reason why he woke up. And it isn’t his lovely family.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Les Gaulois, Puteaux, France
Creative Directors: Gilbert Scher, Marco Venturelli, Luca Cinquepalmi
Art Director: Marie Donnedieu
Copywriter: Ouriel Ferencz
Director: Eric Lynne

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