Cine Las Americas Commercial: Inca Shaolin

Cine Las Americas Commercial: Inca Shaolin

Cine las Americas – the South America’s films – and the creative agency Latin Works from Austin, USA, introduce a new pretty crazy commercial.

The video tells a story of how conquistadors arrived to South America. After months and months of traveling in the mountains they met the locals and interfered with them. That is how a new race – Inca Cejudo – was born. After some time the Chinese came and also interfered with the locals. And the Inca Shaolin was born.

According to the funny commercial, if this is their reality, imagine their films. They are creative, original and unique.

Watch this unique way of promoting local film industry and tell us what you think about it.


Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Creative Directors: Diego Castillo, Norberto Zylberberg, Sergio Hernández, Alejandro Egozcue
Copywriters: Diego Castillo, Norberto Zylberberg, Sergio Hernández
Art Director: Alejandro Egozcue
Account Manager: Christy Kranik
Agency Producer: Michael McLaughlin
Production Company: Boxer Films, Central Films
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saíz
Executive Producer: John Barreiro, Tete Parada
President: John Clark
Art Director: Oscar Carnicero
Costume Design: Viviana López
Director of Photography: Iván Hernández
Assistance Director: Antonio Maya
Production Company Producer: Héctor Espinosa
Central Films Editor: Jorge Hernández, Leonel Pérez
Sound Design: Personal Music
Music: Personal Music Miami
Voice Over: JJ Wilson, Rubén Moya
Post Production: Union Editorial Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Sr Producer: Rob McCool
Union Editor: Rachael Waxler
VFX Supervisor: Todd Iorio
Flame Artist: Carolyn Woods
Responsible for the Client: Eugenio del Bosque
Aired: April 2012

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