Chuck Norris T-Mobile Commercials in the Czech Republic

Chuck Norris T-Mobile Commercials in the Czech Republic

Chuck Norris, an American martial artist and star of the 1990s series Walker, Texas Ranger, has appeared in a series of Christmas-themed ads for T-Mobile in the Czech Republic.

There are five campaign’s commercials in which the 70-year-old actor promotes different T-Mobile products and services.

One ad shows Norris’ friend pretends to throttle Norris as he shows off to another friend online via a webcam. Of course, Norris isn’t actually asleep and tackles the guy immediately.

Chuck Norris T-Mobile Commercial: Notebook

In the second ad Chuck Norris watches a man showcase karate moves with an amused expression on his face. The man then falls backwards onto a Christmas tree and tries to blame the accident on the actor after his wife looks at him angrily.

Chuck Norris T-Mobile Commercial: TV

The third commercial shows Chuck Norris and a friend watching people skate at an outdoor ice rink. A woman and her young son skate toward the actor, and she asks him: “Sir, could you take a photo of us, please? He’s ice-skating for the first time.”

The Czech word for ice-skating is “brusli,” which sounds remarkably similar to someone saying “Bruce Lee,” the late martial-arts star. So Norris thinks she has mistaken him Bruce Lee so lets her know he is in fact Chuck Norris!

In another commercial, the martial artist gets a little squeamish while a woman is about to pulverize a live fish with a mallet.

The fifth ad shows Norris being bored to sleep by the neverending variety of nature channels on Czech TV.

While these commercials are running on TV only in Czech Republic, they have gone viral on the Web. Each video has minimum 220 000 views on

Campaign also extends trough website

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