Christina Aguilera in World Hunger Relief campaign “From Hunger to Hope”

Christina Aguilera in World Hunger Relief campaign “From Hunger to Hope”

Christina Aguilera - World hunger relief

In July the 28-year-old singer Christina Aguilera has accepted the role of international spokesperson for the campaign against hunger “World Hunger Relief”, which is organized by major restaurant chains such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Aguilera will appear in a series of advertisements to raise funds for the World Food Program of the United Nations Food and Agriculture.

“It’s unacceptable a child dies every six seconds somewhere around the world from hunger. By lending my voice for World Hunger Relief, I hope to raise awareness about the issue and move people from hunger to hope.” she said in a statement.

And two days ago something happened pretty cool too. In addition to posters and pamphlets, some KFC restaurants were closed (and others will be closed during the October) to inform the society about the fight against hunger. These restaurants and their employees will be participating in the so-called “World Hunger Relief Kitchens” by distributing free meals to those in need.

The word is also spread on website and on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Below you can see a public service message with Christina Aguilera singing in the street in hopes that her fame will encourage people to donate to the important cause.

An from behind the scenes:

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  1. Ron OBrien at 2:48 AM

    My wife and I both saw the commercial that Christina Aguilera did and were surprised to hear the phrase “don’t eat at these restaurants.” Afterward, we realized that the intended phrase is “donate at these restaurants.” We felt compelled to write and tell you that the commercial was very confusing.


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