Chobani Prank: Hungry Bear Loose in NYC

Chobani Prank: Hungry Bear Loose in NYC

Chobani and advertising agency In-house have pulled off a wonderful prank recently.

The previous Super Bowl ad was very shocking. And this one is even more staggering! A very realistic bear was made and let loose in the streets of New York City. A hungry giant scarred the hell out of the unaware pedestrians. And very unfortunate are those, who have seen Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man”. However, no people or animal were hurt.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: In-house
CD: Ted Sabarese
Client: Chobani
CW: Ted Sabarese
DP: Marshall Rose
Prod. Co.: Lovely Giant Productions
EP: Inna Khavinson
Edit: Nomad Editing Company
Color Grading: Dungeon Beach

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