Chevrolet Commercial: Beatbox

Chevrolet Commercial: Beatbox

Chevrolet and advertising agency Commonwealth from Bangkok have released a new hilarious video spot.

The commercial depicts a brand new Chevrolet, gliding in the streets of a city. It spreads the sound of a very powerful engine and everyone in town is impressed with this car. However, the sound comes from the family, who is driving in Chevrolet! Apparently, the car’s engine is small, but it is still fun.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Commonwealth, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Thierry Halbroth
Art Director: Christo Tchobanov
Copywriters: Thierry Halbroth, Christo Tchobanov
Account Director: Taryn Bownes
Account Management: Apirus Polteja, Galib Gufran
Digital Director: Arunee Rueangwattanaporn
Digital Management / Production: Neel Chhaya, Matthew Higgins
Production: The Sweet Shop Asia
Executive Producer: Claire Davidson
Producer: Daniel Ho
Director: Luci Schroder
Director of Photography: Brendan Williams
Art Director: Waiki Chang
Offline Editor: Adam Hussey / Finito
Online Editor: Peter Tresize / The Post Bangkok
Music Composer: Jamie Octo / Klong Creatures

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