Cherkashin Meat Factory Commercial: Queue

Cherkashin Meat Factory Commercial: Queue

Cherkashin Meat Factory and advertising agency Voskhod have released series of funny commercials from its latest campaign.

The action takes place in the Soviet Russia, where you had to stand in queues for a deficit goods like meat. People give their food coupons. A man gets the last piece. However, he goes back to a pregnant woman and asks the name. Not her name, the baby’s name. „Zhenia“, she says. „Well, it is for little Zhenia“, man answers and gives the sausage to her. The voice behind the camera says, that this sausage is made by the recipe, when everything was still wonderful.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: Voskhod, Russia
Creative Director: Andrey Gubaydullin
Copywriters: Evgeny Primachenko, Alexander Parkhomenko, Vladislav Derevyannykh, Anton Kotovski
RadioАсtive Film: Production
Director: Vadim Perelman
DOP: Pawel Edelman
Executive Producer: Roman Kindrachuk
Producer: Valerie Phil
Art Director: Vova Radlinskiy

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