Cheerios Commercial: Buzz meets Grumpy Cat

Cheerios Commercial: Buzz meets Grumpy Cat

Honey Nut Cheerios and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi from New York have released this hilarious video spot recently.

The commercial features non other, but the all time favorite pet, internet sensation – Grumpy Cat. The kitten is being confronted by the Cheerios icon – the always so sunny bee Buzz. The latter thinks he will make the cat smile with the new Honey Nut Cheerios. See the hilarious Grumpy Cat’s reaction.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Peter Smith
Creative Directors: Johnnie Ingram, Chris Skurat
Copywriter: Adam Kline
Art Director: Justin Roth
Executive Producer: Gregory Hall
Director of Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski
Business Manager: Christina Mattson
Management Director: Rodes Ponzer
Account Director: Dave Barone
Account Executive: Carly Wallace
Senior Strategic Planner: Anastasstios Tsitsopoulos
Production Company: Backyard
President / Partner: Blair Stribley
Managing Director / Partner: Chris Zander
Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
Head of Production: Emily Malito
Director: Rob Pritts
Director of Photography: Florian Stadler
Line Producer: Kevin Sharpton
Editorial: Beast
Editor: Jim Ulbrich
Producer: Valerie Lorio
VFX: Laika/House
President: Lourri Hammack
Line Producer: Karly Chambers
Animation Director: Aaron Sorenson
VFX Supervisor: Rex Carter

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