Century 21 Campaign: Valentine’s Day Poem

Century 21 Campaign: Valentine’s Day Poem

Century 21 and advertising agency Mullen have released a fun campaign for a Valentine’s Day.

The videos depict various romantic spots: a tile tub, a fireplace and a beautiful room with a view to the Ocean. Meanwhile a voice behind a camera reads a non-rhyming Valentine’s Day poem. Apparently, all those things depicted in the background make wives happy, make them love their husbands more. The real estate company has a point and suggests you make a purchase soon.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: Mullen, USA
Chief Marketing Officer: Bev Thorne
Global Director, Social Media: Matt Gentile
Vice President, Digital Marketing: Mike Callaghan
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Director: Tim Vaccarino
Executive Creative Director: Dave Weist
Group Creative Director / Copywriter: Tim Cawley
Art Director: Liz Agans
Editor: Robert Apse
Producer: Caitlan Williams
PR / Social Strategy: Eric Montague, Molly Galler, Anna Sikora, Erin Healy

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