Carphone Warehouse Commercial: Smarter World

Carphone Warehouse Commercial: Smarter World

Carphone Warehouse and advertising agency Adjust Your Set have released this hilarious video ad lately.

The spot features a guy, who persuades his reluctant customers to get a smart phone. Because having a smart phone means that you are living in a smarter world, which indicates that you yourself are smarter. The seller walks through the store, which changes into lab, which changes into a party scene, until it reaches an unexpected end. Really nice video.

Watch the commercial and have a good laugh.


Agency: Adjust Your Set, London, UK
Creative Directors: Oliver Elmes, Crinan Campbell
Producer: Ed Tull
Director of Photography: Leon Willis
Steadicam: Rob Hart
Art Director: Chris Hone
Choreographer: Aaron Sillis
Sound Design: Chris Reading
Actor: Martin Collins

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