Carly’s Cafe: Experience Autism

Carly’s Cafe: Experience Autism

This video represents the experience of Carly Fleischmann, a 17 year old girl who has a non-verbal Autism.

The spot takes place at the café and is seen through the Carly’s eyes. It documents how chaotic a casual routine might become for her. We can hear her inner voice, that says she wants coffee but she gets hot chocolate instead. Then the chaos starts around her and we can see people staring awkward at her.

Carly was diagnosed autism at age two. Later she wrote the book “Breaking Through Autism”. The brave girl shares her experience and lets the world to know about the illness. Carly’s Café is an interactive web video, where people can gain a better understanding. Just like in the video below.

Watch this sincere and inspiring video.


Director – Miles Jay
Editor – Chris Murphy
DOP – Chris Mably
Colourist – Wade Odlum
VFX Artist – Sean Cochrane
Executive Producer – Harland Weiss
Executive Producer – Donovan Boden
Line Producer – Dennis Beier
Audio Director – Stephanie Pigott
Phantom Tech – Brent J. Craig
Composer – Rob Simonsen
Casting – Michael Stephenson
Logo Design – Jan Avendano
Creative Directors – Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Creative Team – Kelly Uman, Marie Richer
Producer – Ryan O’Hagan
Technologist – Marc Cattapan

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