Carlton Draught Commercial: Beer Chase

Carlton Draught Commercial: Beer Chase

Carlton Draught and advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have made this hilarious video.

The commercial features the bank robbers, celebrating their catch at a bar. Unfortunately, careless behavior puts them into a police scope. After that, creatives shot an epic “catch us if you can” video.

Ant Keogh, executive creative director of the agency, said: “Beer Chase is a parody of the clichéd, over-the-top Hollywood car chase. We used some poetic license with the locations so they would match your expectations of a classic car chase.”

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Client: Carlton Draught
ECD: Ant Keogh
AD: Ant Phillips
CW: Richard Williams
EP: Sonia Von Bibra
Managing Partner: Paul McMillan
Prod. Co.: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Managing Director: Andy Traines
EP: Tracy Mays
Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Head of Production: Renee Robson
Production Supervisor: Gus Kousoulas
Editing: The Butchery
Editor: Jack Hutchings
Sr. Post Producer: Freya Maddock

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