Carlsberg Ad: Friendship Test

Carlsberg Ad: Friendship Test

Carlsberg and advertising agency Duval Guillame Modem from Belgium have just released this amazing video ad.

The brand has put some friends to the test. Some guys called their friends in the middle of the night and asked them to bring them 300 euros. Although most of the waken guys were reluctant, most of them made the effort. See what they had to go through – it seems that they have stepped into a film’s reality.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Duval Guillame Modem

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  1. Elie Khoury at 4:15 PM

    That’s a copycat of another Lebanese Beer brand testing friendship the same way by asking friends to drop their valentine date on valentine’s eve and come help their friends in need of money.

    Here’s the link.

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