Cardstore Commercial: World’s Toughest Job

Cardstore Commercial: World’s Toughest Job

Cardstore and advertising agency Mullen from Boston have released this viral video recently.

The Greetings and Cardstore company runs a campaign to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day. To stress the importance of the unpaid job, of relentless hours and 24/7 requirements that moms have, the creatives pulled off a fake job. The interviewer introduced the interviewees to the job: no sitting, no weekends, no vacation, no money. See the reactions of poor people, trying to make sense of it all!

Watch the video and share your impressions with us.


Agency: Mullen, Boston
Chief creative officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive creative directors: Tim Vaccarino, Dave Weist
Creative director: Jon Ruby
Director: Amir Farhang via Caviar
Executive producer: Valeria Maldini
Producer: Jason Manz

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