Cannibal Restaurant in Germany Was A Vegetarian Hoax

Cannibal Restaurant in Germany Was A Vegetarian Hoax

The supposed opening of a cannibal restaurant in Berlin, Germany, caused criticism among regular people and major media channels all around the world. In August, the Berlin eatery, called Flime, launched a website informing about the grand opening of the first cannibal restaurant. The website also called for donors to “donate any part of their body”. People willing to donate for the menu were asked to fill out a form which included questions about fitness, BMI, how often they exercised and even if they were pregnant.

But well… as many odd looking things do, this cannibal restaurant also turned out to be just a very well done ad campaign launched by a German vegetarian activist group, VEBU, which wanted to get locals to equate their aversion to consuming human flesh with eating beef or pork.

On the day the restaurant was due to open, its website was replaced with a statement from condemning meat eaters: “Consuming human meat is an explosive issue. But nobody poses the question where meat which is consumed daily comes from, under which circumstances it is produced and what consequences it has on our environment. Eating animals is like consuming people. Worldwide about one billion people are starving and every three seconds a person dies of malnutrition. This is partly due to our meat-based diet. And what is even more ridiculous: there actually are enough resources to feed the world. However, land, water and other resources are used to feed livestock. 1 kg of meat requires upto 16 kg of feed. Grains used for livestock would be enough to feed all starving people in the world.”

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