Cancer Society of Finland Video: Baby Love

Cancer Society of Finland Video: Baby Love

Cancer Society of Finland and advertising agency Havas Worldwide from Helsinki have released this brilliant video spot.

The campaign encourages women to quit smoking. Although, passive smoking is no less dangerous, we would encourage daddies to quit smoking too. However, the video begins like a cute story about a motherhood. But soon enough things take the most unexpected direction and we find the lady preparing a real minefield for her child.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it with us.


Agency: Havas Worldwide, Helsinki, Finland
Creative director: Marko Vuorensola
Planner: Johanna Vuorensola
Art director: Jon Gustavson
Copywriter: Marko Vuorinen
Account director: Nina Myllyharju
Project planner: Muusa Salminen
Communications consultant: Laura Lyyvuo
Web developer: Mika Niemi
Also influencing: Paul Earl
Production Company: Studio Arkadena
Executive producer: Hana Kovic
Director: Mikko Lehtinen
DoP: David Grehn
Editor: Miika Vaso
Also influencing: Nalle Sjöblad, Kojo Abban
Line producer: Urska Vardijan
Production manager: Tina Pungartnik
Set designer / Art director: Spela Kropusek
Sylist: Katja Hrobat
Postproduction: Matjaz Kocjan / Studio Arkadena
Composer: Timo Kaukolampi
Sound design: Matjaz Moraus Zdesar
Digital production: Havas Worldwide Helsinki

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