Calorie Mate Commercial: Show Them

Calorie Mate Commercial: Show Them

Calorie Mate and advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc./catch Inc from Japan have released this cool spot.

The video depicts a student, who is caught in a moment of anxiety before the exam. The creatives depict her life and hard work studying the subject in a cartoon complemented with a song. The spot is really beautiful and quite moving.

Watch the video and share your impressions with us.


Agency: Hakuhodo Inc./catch Inc, Japan
Production Company: AOI Pro. Inc
Creative Director / Copywriter: Akihiro Fukube
Art Director: Takuro Enomoto
Director: Tsugihisa Tanaka
DOP: Orie Ichihashi
Lighting Director: Takuya Sakimoto
Producers: Hiroyuki Yamada, Shota Kawaguchi
Production Managers: Rikiya Saito, Arisa Mochizuki
Cast: Yuna Taira
Stylist: Kazuki Yunoki
Hair-Make up: Eito Furukubo
Location Coordinator: Toru Takahashi
Vocal: Anly
Editors: Noritaka Imamura, Kohei Sudo
Lyrics Translation: Mandy Wang

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