California Lottery Commercial: Eugene

California Lottery Commercial: Eugene

California Lottery and advertising agency Casanova Pendrill have released this funny commercial.

The spot features Eugene and depicts how has his life changed after he has won the California Lottery jackpot. All of his habits, bad vacation, bad apartment and even bad company have gone out the window. Eugene bravely welcomes the changes.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Casanova Pendrill, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Elias Weinstock
Creative Director: Fernando Poblete
Copywriters: Josué Mendoza, Andres Munera
Art Director: Andrés Munera
Producer: Elena Meazzo
Account Director: Melanie Cyr
Account Supervisor: Maritza Rodriguez
Production Company: Black Van Films
Director: Pablo Fusco
Executive Producer: Pavel Cantu
DP: Federico Cantini
Editing: Timecode
Sound / Music: Cortes Cortes

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