Cadbury Commercials: MORO

Cadbury Commercials: MORO

Cadbury has teamed up with DDB Auckland members to create this hilarious campaign for Cadbury’s product MORO.

The four ads below feature a ridiculously charismatic hero who faces the dangers of wild animals. Fortunately, he has a fist of awesomeness – MORO chocolate bar. It saves him from the Bear, that hits him with the dangerous laser-eyes, from a Dolphin, who took his MORO. He is able to do the incredible jump of the Unicorn. “I am the Pegasus. I don’t have a horn”, the creature corrects. And the wild tiger became a friendly kitty.

There are even more funny videos from this campaign.

Watch the ads below and tell us which one you liked the most.


Agency: DDB Auckland
Production: Passion RAW, Strange Beast
Director: Unknown
Executive Producer: Dan Scott-Croxford
Producer: Juliette Stern

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