Cadbury Commercial: Big Heading

Cadbury Commercial: Big Heading

Cadbury and Droga5 Sydney presents you other video from the campaign, entitled “Big Heading”.

This video features Mikey Covino – a photographer who thinks big. By that I mean, that his big-headedness made him famous. At least, well known on the web and photo blogs. Mikey used to photograph celebrities. To get their attention, he made a big head and used it, so that famous people would look at his camera.

Cadbury presents the newest series of its Boosted Inspiration campaign. Visit their page and vote for your favorite video. Enjoy!

Watch the video and share your opinion about it with us.


Client: Cadbury
Agency: Droga5 Sydney
Director: Christiaan Van Vuuren
Writer: Nick Boshier
Creative Direction: Cam Blackley

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