Cablevision Commercial: Father

Cablevision Commercial: Father

Cablevision and advertising agency Tribal DDB from Mexico have released this humorous video spot recently.

Actually, the ad can appear as cruel, quite frankly. It features a father, who is so loving and attentive to his son, it leaves the audience in awe. The commercial documents their relationship since the boy was born. Meanwhile his father had to endure a lot for his kid: from wearing that ridiculous Santa costume to donating his kidney. And for what? On the other hand, haven’t we all been there?

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Tribal DDB, Mexico
Chief Executive Officer: Walter Aregger, Hernán Ibarra
Agency Producer: Marcelo Genel
Account Director: Alejandro Cantón
Director of Planning: Juan Pablo Camargo
Director: Rodrigo Valdés / The Maestros
Director’s Assistant: Lule Camacho
Producers: Enrique Nava, Carlos Kevin González
Director of Photography: Kenji Katori

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