Butterfinger Commercial: Cowboy

Butterfinger Commercial: Cowboy

Butterfinger and advertising agency Santo have released this cool spot.

The commercial promotes a candy, which is made for the fearless. Like this cowboy, who rides a bull right in the sky! Don’t you think it’s braver than brave? Wait until you will see what he is prepared to do while free falling from the sky!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Santo
Director: Armando Bo
Post-Production: Gramercy Park Studios
VFX Supervisor: Mark Beardall
CG Supervisor: Matt Lowery
Colourist: Ben Rogers
Flame: Mark Beardall, Stephen Miller, Eileen Chan, Aman Kang, Avtar Bains
Nuke: Kalle Kohlstrom
3D: Matt Lowery, Mike Bonnington, Peter Bartfay, Kaan Küçük, Adam Lucas
Producer: Annika Gustavsson

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