Budweiser Commercial: Vintage Store

Budweiser Commercial: Vintage Store

Budweiser and advertising agency Africa have released this entertaining video ad recently, which is part of the campaign that supports music.

The commercial features Will.i.am and takes us to the future fun in São Paulo. Pedro de Sá Earp explains Budweiser’s concern for music and collaboration with the musician.

“Budweiser is optimism and celebration and represents the very moment we are living in Brazil for World Cup, Olympics and major events that comes around. Will.i.am is already more than a musician. He is a visionary in love with Brazil and shares with us this optimism. No one better than him to be a partner in this project to build the future of music”, said Pedro de Sá Earp, director of Budweiser Marketing.

Watch the video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Agency: Africa, São Paulo, Brazil

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