Budweiser Commercial: The Great Preparation

Budweiser Commercial: The Great Preparation

Budweiser and Sao Paulo’s creative agency Africa have launched this incredible and funny ad titled “The Great Preparation”.

The video is a one and a half minute short, featuring Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal. Those two meet in an old cowboyish bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Just like in a good old spaghetti western. After Silva sees Seagal, he remembers his coach and the fighting lessons. And this memory reminds some scenes from movies like The Karate Kid, Rocky, Kill Bill. Really hilarious.

Watch the amazing video and have a good laugh.


Advertising Agency: Africa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Saavedra, Vico Benevides
Creatives: Rodrigo Saavedra, Vico Benevides, Marcio Juniot
Director: Armando Bo
Production Company:Rebolución
Producers: Patrício Alvarez Casado, Ciro Cesar Silva
Sound Production: A9

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