British Army Commercial: O.P.

British Army Commercial: O.P.

In the fourth and final film from COI/Publicis UK in the Start Thinking Soldier campaign, Spanks Michael Geoghegan digs into an Observation Post guarding a high profile oil drilling facility. Are the vehicles heading in his direction merely interested locals or is there a real threat to security?

Released: August 2009
Advertiser: British Army
Brand name: Army Recruitment
Agency: Publicis UK
Country: United Kingdom


Agency: COI/Publicis UK
Production Company: Spank Films
Director(s): Michael Geoghegan
Creatives: Vincent Warin (DoP)
Cut & Run (Post production)
Matt Anderson (Creative)
Steve Nicholls (Creative)
Leo King (Editor)
Kim Knowlton (Agency Producer)
John Golley (Producer)

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