British Airways Commercial: The Race

British Airways Commercial: The Race

Earlier this year British Airways and creative agency BBH London introduced beautifully shot commercial entitled “The Race”.

The ad is a hybrid of documenting the comfortable and delightful services of the British Airways followed by the commentary of Jim Rosenthal. We can see people putting and taking their baggage, enjoying the flight. It is followed by screaming and chants in the background as if it was a soccer match.

It is due to the BA’s sponsorship on the upcoming Olympics. BA is happy to provide its services for people coming to London from all over the world.

Watch this amazing video and tell us what you think.


Client: British Airways
Campaign: The Race
Agency: BBH London
Director: Neil Gorringe
Creative directors: Justin Moore, Hamish Pinnell
Creatives: Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke
Production company: Moxie Pictures

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