Bristol Myers-Squibb Canada campaign’s “One Life” video “Take Action”

Bristol Myers-Squibb Canada campaign’s “One Life” video “Take Action”

Bristol Myers-Squibb Canada, a part of a global company which has a mission – to help patients prevail over serious diseases, launched the third phase of its One Life to Live HIV awareness campaign.

The “One Life to Live” campaign first launched in 2008 and, for its first two years, was predominantly focused on encouraging Canadians to get tested for HIV. This year’s campaign includes creative targeting people already living with the disease.

The centre of new Get Care-oriented anti-AIDS campaign is 70 sec video, made by bleublancrouge, titled “Take Action”, which urging people not only to get tested as it did in years past, but also to get care.

Take Action was designed as a high-impact and emotional ‘do something’ video to put HIV in the faces of at-risk adults in Canada and to encourage them to act. Three individuals from three different age groups are presented one evening in their everyday urban environments. Each one of them encounters a very dramatic experience, where the danger they face is literally invisible. At no time is HIV/AIDS perceived to be the hidden threat that has caught them all so off guard. The final call-to-action message tells the viewer that it’s up to each of us to protect ourselves, understand the risks, get tested, find out more and seek treatment information: “To those who don’t see the danger. HIV is still here. Take action.”

The music from video is created by The Cougarettes feat. Michael Mooney and has been has been made available for free download at

The campaign also includes a new website with easily accessible and helpful information, consumer events at pride festivities and AIDS Walks around Canada, print and social media components.

Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada
Advertising Agency: bleublancrouge
Client services: Line Desjardins
Creative Director: Dominique Trudeau
Art Directors: Cyril Drouot and Sébastien Deland
Copywriter: Guillaume Blanchet
Medical Copywriter: Linda Miller
Electronic Producers: Lisa Arduini and Dominique Dufour
Production Company: Jet Films
Director: Yves Christian Fournier
Producer: Visant le Guennec
Music: “Apologist” by Cougarettes featuring Michael Mooney
Social media specialist: Hypractif – Edouard Reinach

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