Brilliant Sony PlayStation Commercial: Victor – Man-baby

Brilliant Sony PlayStation Commercial: Victor – Man-baby

A very charming Sony PlayStation video spot from Argentina. It shows us a story of a man, named Victor, who has retained his childlike spirit event though he is grown up. The idea is not that unique, but the way it’s expressed – definitely is. Because in the spot that man still has a baby’s face. And he is behaving in a way most of us have already forgotten: he cries, he gets moved, he celebrates, he feels annoyed and he is not afraid of expressing his emotions to others.

Using this story Sony shows us that as we grow as a society, we gradually get less affected by things. We stop behaving spontaneously and become more rational. This makes us get slowly further away from our purest state, or as Sony PlayStation calls it, a “State of play”. A wonderful piece of work.

Released: November, 2010
Client: Sony PlayStation
Advertising agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Country: Argentina

Executve Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Director: Joaquin Espagnol, Miguel Usandivaras
Agency Executive Producer: Adrian Aspani
Producer: Lucila D’amico
Account director: Joseph Baide
Executive account : Reinier Suarez
Regional Account Coordinator: Ana Bogni
Production Company: Garlic
Director: Marcelo Burgos
Executive Producer: Alvaro Gorospe, Irene Nuñez Palma
Post Production Company: Serena
Sound Company: Sonomedia
Song: “Young at heart”, Frank Sinatra
Advertiser’s supervisor : Mark Stanley, Rossana Schach

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  1. Alexis Loseman at 1:30 AM

    I do not like commercials and use the mute button frequently, however, I have to admit I stop what I am doing to watch this commercial every time and agree this must be one of the best commercials ever. Excellent!

  2. Katherine at 11:55 PM

    LOVE Victor the man baby for Playstation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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