Boston Celtics Marketing Campaign: Reloaded

Boston Celtics Marketing Campaign: Reloaded

The Boston Celtics are gearing up for a new basketball season, and a new TV ad and marketing campaign for the team is also ready to go. Their new marketing campaign launched Opening Night of the Celtics season, October 27.

The campaign, themed: “Reloaded” began with a TV commercial, which features an intense beat that builds as images and words reflecting the Celtics’ desire and focus flash by. The energetic spot ends with a Celtics team chant led by Captain Paul Pierce.

“Reloaded” marketing campaign also will extend through TV, radio, digital, print, out of home and in-game activities.


Advertising Agency: Allen & Gerritsen
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Greenberg
Art director: Matt Kiley
Copywriter: Craig Falzone
Producer: Deirdra Abelli
Production Co.: Allen & Gerritsen
Editor: David Maloney
Photographer: Brian Babineau

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  1. jean simone at 5:47 AM

    in the commercial reloaded, I can’t make out what is said after 123…?

  2. james at 3:52 AM

    Is the beat in the reloaded commercial drums or basketball

  3. Richard at 3:30 AM

    It’s the word “ubuntu”, which is an African term that means something like “I Am Because We Are”. This word was embraced by the Celtics in their 2007-2008 Championship season. At that time, the concept of Ubuntu was especially important in integrating three superstars (Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce) into a system of team play that de-emphasized individual contributions in favor of the outcome (a championship).

  4. Megan at 5:10 AM

    What are the words, like what is the order they go in, i can’t read that fast.

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