Boosted Commercial: Moreing

Boosted Commercial: Moreing

Boosted and Sydney’s Droga5 have launched series about the artistic inspiration called “Moreing”.

The two minute video features artist Leo Addison and his new artistic tendency – moreing. It is the casual objects only more of them – doubled, tripled or even bigger. As the result we can observe the basketball tree, the antennas globe, guys wearing three basketball caps at once and so on.

In the second video we can listen to the artist’s interview. He appeared in the commercial and now he is talking about his idea of art, why it is important and what it means.

According to Leo, “Moreing is an art form, it’s basically just a curation of objects added in one space. If you’re a ‘more-er’, the universe is your canvas.”

Watch this interesting advertisement and interview, share your opinion about art.


Agency: Droga5 Australia
Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Copywriter and Art Director: Cam Blackley
Director: Matt Devine @ The Glue Society
Production Company: Revolver
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Producer: Alex Kember

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