Bodyform Commercial: The Truth About “Happy” Periods

Bodyform Commercial: The Truth About “Happy” Periods

Bodyform and advertising agency Rubber Republic launched probably the most hilarious maxipad commercial ever.

The video is a response to Richard Neill’s Facebook post, that you can read below. He humorously called the brand liars, for promoting happy periods. As he grew up and got a girlfriend, he found out that there are no such thing as a happy period. Therefore, the CEO Caroline Williams, played by an actress, sends a public message.

Yulia Kretova, brand controller for Bodyform, said: „We found Richard’s post very amusing and wanted to continue the positive dialogue around periods that this generated. Working with the brand for five years, breaking down the taboo around Bodyform and periods has always been a challenge, and I hope that we have started to address this“.

See the video and have a good laugh.



Agency: Rubber Republic

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