BMW EfficientDynamics Commercial: Light Bulb

BMW Efficient Dynamics Commercial: Light Bulb

The goal of the BMW Efficient Dynamics campaign from GSD&M Idea City Austin is to change consumer’s perceptions about diesel vehicles and focus on a cleaner-burning, eco friendly vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice the joy of driving.

BMW Efficient Dynamics: Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

Released: August 2009
Advertiser: BMW
Brand name: BMW Efficient Dynamics
Agency: GSD&M Idea City
Country: USA


Agency: GSD&M Idea City, USA
Production Company: Green Dot Films
Director: Rebecca Baehler
Group Creative Director: Jay Russell
Art Director: Scott Brewer
Copywriter: Ryan Carroll
Editor: Staci LeVan
Executive Producer: Jeff Johnson
Producer: Florence Babbitt

Campaign: “BMW Efficient Dynamics”

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  1. Don at 7:33 AM

    This is one of the worst BMW commercials I have ever seen – and I have driven BMWs for over 30 years. BMWs should be shown in motion, not static with a bunch of CFLs(which CFLs contain Mercury, which is deadly). I originally thought this was a cheap local dealer association spot. Surprised to see it is a national campaign.

    BMW needs to go back to showing the cars in motion – and use
    voiceover to discuss the clean diesel.

    PS: The spokesman is a bit creepy looking.

  2. Joe Concerned at 8:41 PM

    I wonder if BMW knows that, NO WHERE in the U.S do they even make those light bulbs. It’s kind of an ironic ad.

  3. Richard at 7:19 AM

    This is tragically ironic. They use a CFL to illustrate the environmental benefits of the BMW Diesel and then have hundreds, if not thousands, of them lit up in an incredible waste of electricity!

    (Plus it gives those idiots who know nothing about the real advantages of modern CFLs something to complain about.)

  4. Shaun at 2:36 AM

    This commercial annoyed me so much I had to look it up online just to leave a comment. I like BMW vehicles but I want to know what marketing idiot thought of of this commercial. If you want to demonstrate that your efficient and environmentally aware then you probably don’t want to demonstrate it by lighting up an indoor room with thousands of CFL light-bulbs to make your case. If they still don’t understand then I’ll clarify even more, CFL light bulbs primary benefit is that they draw less power while producing good light output. If you use this product as an example of efficiency and then fill a warehouse with them and turn them on simultaneously to light up the area you make yourself look extremely wasteful since a gumbo spotlight or standard warehouse lighting would have provided the same amount of light using less electricity. I’d bet money the commercial concept was made by someone who doesn’t give a rats a** about being environmentally friendly.

  5. [email protected] transport at 2:31 PM

    Well at first I agree with Shaun and another comments above, making an commercial ad with lighting bulb is very awful, at first, it is not showing the past brands image of BMW as a luxury and comfortable cars to drive. Secondly like Shaun said, “green” marketing campaign is not be representative in that commercial ad, lighting bulb is not an efficiency. But still, BMW make a good decision to produce more and more hybrid and electric cars!

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