BMW Commercial: Bullet

BMW Commercial: Bullet

BMW M5 and Canada’s advertising agency Cundari have launched this amazing commercial entitled „Bullet“.

The video takes place at the desert. The color combination of white, blue and red makes a stunning effect. We can see the blue BMW sedan driving at the highest speed. It has to drive through the test barriers. It is a glass apple, three giant balloons full of water and a wall. As BMW drives through those, we get to see an amazing slow motion.

It is really not a casual car commercial. It is original, creative and artistic. A spectacular sight for your eyes.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Cundari
Client: BMW
Director of Marketing: Kevin Marcott
CCO: Brent Choi
ACD/Copywriter: Brian Murray
ACD/AD: Raul Garcia
Producer: Sumit Ajwani
Digital Strategy: Todd Hummel
Digital Strategy: Caitlin Mcdonald
Production House: Big Block
Director: Mark Glaser
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
EP: Pete King
Producer: Kay Rough
Supervisor: Glenn Bennett
Production Manager: Kristen Zaik
Coordinator: Cindy Chapman
Studio Team: Tom Connors
Studio Team: Rob Glazer
Studio Team: Ilya Astrakhan
Studio Team: Nick Poznick
Studio Team: Milsap
Music/Sound Design: Silent Joe West
Creative Director: Roger Harris
Producer: Trevor Allan
Sound Design: Jo Rossi
Sound Design: Tony Gort
Media: Media Experts
Media Strategy/Planning: Karel Wegert
Media Strategy/Planning: Kris Davis

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