BMW, Audi and Subaru: Ad Fight

BMW, Audi and Subaru: Ad Fight

It all started when BMW released an ad for its new 3-series and congratulated Audi for winning the South African car of the Year award and signed the congratulations with the line, “From the winner of the world car of the year award 2006.” Audi then fought back with an ad congratulating BMW, but also stating a fact that Audi has been the winner of LeMans for six consecutive years. And then… came Subaru with an ad “Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest.  From the winner of the 2006 International Engine of the Year Winner.

Audi South African Car of the Year - BMW World Car of the Year

BMW World Car of the Eear - Audi Le Mans Winner

Subaru Engine of the Year

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  1. Max at 5:43 PM

    BMW S85 engine was Engine of the year 2006 in those awards.

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