Blue Sky Bridge Campaign: Model Rockets

Blue Sky Bridge Campaign: Model Rockets

The creative agency TDA/Boulder has made this video entitled “Model Rockets” for Blue Sky Bridge.

The video features a man telling how to make a model rocket. He says that he loves helping kids to build them as well. He has no name, his face is not shown, so the audience already suspects that something is wrong. The video raises awareness how to prevent sexual abuse against children.

Blue Sky Bridge also provides services for children, that have suffered from physical or sexual abuse. In its website you can find information about the topic.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it.


Agency: TDA/Boulder
Client: Blue Sky Bridge
Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg
Art Director: Matt Leavitt
Copywriter: Jonathan Schoenberg
Prod. Co.: Futuristic
Director/DP: Jasper Gray
Exec. Producer: Sarah Liles
Exec. Producer: Brendan Kiernan
Producer: Mark Shelton
Post-production: Futuristic
Editor: Jonnie Sirotek
Colorist: Frank Pickell
Audio Mix: Sam Gray
Audio Mix: Clatter & Din

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