Best Friends Commercial: Afraid of That

Best Friends Commercial: Afraid of That

Best Friends and creative agency TM have launched a funny video from its campaign “Fix at Four”. The video below is called “Afraid of That”.

The funny short ad features a teenage couple, sitting on the porch, probably after the first date. The boy is leans towards his sympathy. They are about to kiss. And just before that happens, the lights turn on and the parents come over the porch. The boy hides. “I was afraid of that”, father says. “Well, guess it’s time to get you fixed”, mother suggests. Relax, it is not about the girl. They talk about their cute cat that was visited by her boyfriend that night as well.

Best Friends is an initiative of getting your pets fixed since millions of newly born pets are accidents and unfortunately they get killed by the people, who would not take care of them.

Watch the funny commercial and share your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: TM, USA
Creatives: Bill Oakley, Chris Bettin, Pamela Coatti, James Helms, Ryan Beals, Courtney Pulver, Krista Hogg
Account team: Susan Scull, Rennie Gibb, Tony Marsh, Jodee Bixler
Production: Hal Dantzler, Stephanie Murdoch, Ranelle Fowler, Marvin Woodard, Boone Jarschke, Debbie McIlhany

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