Berlitz Prints: Speak Like a Native

Berlitz Language Center and advertising agency Hakuhodo from Jakarta have released these funny prints.

The images feature people, who have learned other languages at Berlitz school. They are so good at it, as if they are in a foreigner’s skin.

The title says: speak like a native.

See the prints below.





Agency: Hakuhodo, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer: Hoh Woon Siew
Executive Creative Director: Chokyan
Creative Director: Lucy Novita
Copywriters: Edi Nurcahyo, Lucy Novita, Irvine Prisilia
Art Directors: Fahmi Rahmadiputera, Chokyan, Hoh Woon Siew
Photographer: Clarissa Peddy
Producers: Sunyoto Hp, Suryo Guritno, Tiara Pohan, Kelik
Account Manager: R.e Budi Astuti
Retoucher: Anka

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