Belgacom: Internet Is Mine

The Slogan of Belgium’s biggest internet provider Belgacom is “Internet belongs to everybody”. Proximity BBDO brought those words into reality by giving to Belgacom’s clients 15 minutes of fame.

2 times silver at Eurobest 2008, Cat.: Use of Mixed Media and Products & Services.

Started: Sepmtember, 2008
Client: Belgacom
Agency: Proximity BBDO
Country: Belgium

Execution and use of Media

An online game that lets you literally claim the internet by pressing a button. Each player received 10 clicks a day and had to collect as much time as possible. As long as you are the owner, the clock runs, until someone else clicks. Players earned extra clicks by inviting friends. Every day best internet owner earned a laptop. The overal winner won ADSL for live. The pround owners were also awarded with unforgettable moments of national fame.

Everywhere you looked their names and faces claimed the publick eye: live during premiere league football matches, on national TV, in the streets, on the internet, etc.

Results & ROI

In only a week 100 000 Belgian visited the site: that’s just one out of every 100 Belgians in just 7 days. After four weeks this number rose to an amazing 1 813 510 visits. People madly clicked 24/7 with rates still at one click per second between 3 and 4 AM. The average visit time was over 5 minutes. Not bad for a site with only one button to click.

Visits: 1 813 510
Unique visitors: 224 680
Average visit time: over 5 minutes
Participants: 83 712 people participated in the contest
1 in 2 site visitors shared the experience adding to the virtual effect


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