B&B Hotels Commercial: Conference Call

B&B Hotels Commercial: Conference Call

B&B Hotels and advertising agency HAVAS 360 from Paris have released this hilarious video spot.

The commercial takes place at some suspicious hotel. A guy is preparing to receive a conference call via Skype. However, he joins the conversation only to find out his colleagues are disturbed. Apparently the lagging internet access depicted him in his briefs. The company promotes its high quality service, which includes uninterrupted internet connection. Nice!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: HAVAS 360, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Derouault
Creative Director: Alban Penicaut
Art Director: Gaël Caron
Copywriter: Benoît Salles
Production company: Open House
Producers: Pitoff Comar, Anne Pruvost, Franck Allera

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