Bavaria Lemon Commercial: Charlie Sheen is reborn

Bavaria Lemon Commercial: Charlie Sheen is reborn

After a wild last year, you’d think Charlie Sheen would have had enough beer to last a lifetime. However he is the hero of a hilarious new commercial video for Bavaria’s non-alcoholic brand.

A new ad for the Dutch beer company shows Charlie Sheen struggling to maintain soberness in a world of beer drinkers. The doctors at the rehab clinic see Charlie off – a sober man for the rest of his days. “Let’s not have a drink soon,” the staff says on the way out. Story takes a twist when Charlie enters a world again and finds out that everyone around is drinking beer. Till he comes home where the party is rolling. Than he is offered to have non-alcoholic Bavaria’s beer.

Bavaria has already made commercials with Mickey Rourke and Hugh Hefner. Now it’s charismatic Sheen’s time to shine.

Watch ad below and stay sober with Bavaria Lemon.


Client: Bavaria
Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam
Director: Jonathan Herman, Bonkers

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