Bavaria Commercial: The Drop

Bavaria Commercial: The Drop

This new Bavaria beer commercial show what a long journey a small drop of water has to endure to become a drop of Bavaria beer. The drop travels through rivers, waterfalls, forests and caves, encounters a spider and ultimately gets involved into the beer making process. What this ad is really tying to say is that the Bavaria beer uses clean water from glaciers.

Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam
Creative Director: Diederick Hillenius
Creative Director: Poppe van Pelt
Copywriter: Kim Triesscheijn
Art Director: Jarr Geerligs
Agency Producer: Patrick Nelemans
Production Company: Bonkers
Producer: Saskia Kok
Director: Matthijs Van Heijningen
Director of Photography: Per Eklund
Lighting: Per Eklund
Cameraman: Per Eklund
Music: Massive Music
Sound Design/Arrangement: FC Walvisch
Post Production: 8VFX

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  1. Shai Shahar at 12:36 PM

    Just wanted to add that the vocals you hear in this spot were done by ..American entertainer Shai Shahar .

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