Banana Boat Campaign: Elbow Hair

Banana Boat Campaign: Elbow Hair

Banana Boat and advertising agency JWT from New York have released a new funny campaign recently.

The video promotes a sunscreen for men. The voice behind the camera warns not to be reckless in the sun. If you, for instance, will take a nap in the sun, your skin will burn like a bacon. Fortunately, Banana Boat has got you covered. The first video is more particular and offers comfort for those, whose arms are hairy.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Sarah Barclay, Robert Frost
Creative Directors: Billy Faraut, Garth Horn
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Benjamin
Planner: Hayley Parker
Head of Production: Lisa Setten
Senior Producer: Mustafa Imam
Producer: Rebecca Wilmer
Project Manager: Jennifer Schockett
Art Buyer: Bianca Escobar
Account Team: Claire Capeci, Ariel Stern, Erik Wagner, Julia Nawrocki, Stella Continanz

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  1. Helen Dower at 7:55 PM

    Please! Tell me whose voice narrates the new ‘got you covered’ ads….He sounds just like the great Roscoe Lee Browne, but Browne has died, alas. I’m old and grew up listening to voices on the radio, so am pretty accurate usually. Love the ads, but need to know whose mellow voice you’re using. Please! And thanks,too.

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