Bai Commercial: Horse Whisperer

Bai Commercial: Horse Whisperer

Bai has released this hilarious video spot.

The commercial was aired during Super Bowl. The video doesn’t make sense, this guy doesn’t make sense and even the product definitely doesn’t make sense. And these are not our words – they say it in the commercial!

Watch the ad and have a good laugh.


Client: Bai Antioxidant Infusions

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  1. Abby at 3:14 AM

    I hate this commercial. Nothing about it was appealing—-in fact I thought it was insensitive. I really thought the horses were treated unkindly. No desire to try your product.

  2. Abby Needs a Life at 7:43 AM

    Dear Abby, (lmfao!)

    Clearly the horse wasn’t ACTUALLY being yelled at, nor was it responding to the (satirically) hostile demands that were verbalized by the subject in this commercial, what MAKES it funny, is that a horse WOULDN’T typically obey such rantings with such ease. YOU need to lighten up, its a commercial for a drink, NOT a tutorial on how to train horses.

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