Axion: Banner Concerts

Started: June 2008
Client: Axion youth bank
Agency: Boondoggle
Country: Belgium

Axion, Dexia’s youth bank, has always supported youngsters between 12 and 25 years old in all aspects of their lives. As an ever increasing number of young bands is striving -in vain- for MySpace-fame and at a time when the international music industry is struggling to survive, Axion decided it was time to give young music bands a little push, financially and logistically.

Axion introduced an internet-first : “Axion Banner Concerts”, streaming live-gigs in the frame of traditional banners. We booked an impressive mediaplan on popular websites and organised a contest to select 25 young upcoming bands to play a concert in these 6 million banners. We also installed a voting system for the public to elect a winner who won a real gig at Ancienne Belgique, one of Belgium’s biggest concert halls with live streaming on their webtv-channel. This motivated the competing bands to embed their banner concert in their fan’s blogs and social network pages, giving their music even more exposure.

This innovative campaign was not only a creative and technological showcase, foremost it connected Axion youth bank on a profound level with the needs of today’s young musicians.

  • 25 young bands got an exposure for their live-gig via 6.807.442 banner impressions on well know internet sites.
  • By providing an “embed”-option, we generated another 43.479 impressions via viral embeddings on fan pages and blogs. Some of these generated more than 20% clickthrough.
  • The campaign website attracted 44.845 unique visitors, 7.581 people voted for their favourite band (a majority voted by premium SMS instead of free web-vote).

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