Axe Ex-Friend advertising campaign: Less Female Friends, More Women

Axe Ex-Friend advertising campaign: Less Female Friends, More Women

Another fantastic campaign created from AXE to promote their new product AXE Ex-Friend, launched on the South America market. Coming with the tagline “Less female friends, More women” one of the most sexism-driven brands in the world is exploiting the theme of male and female friendship and highlighting that there is nothing worse than having a female friend which you like, but who can only see you as a friend.

In Mexico AXE launched the website called “Hombres con trenzas” (“Men with braids”) dedicated to guys who are not acting like a macho, but prefer to be a girl’s friend without even thinking of any sexual relationship. Having become a part of the ladies’ company, these guys get pure female features like braids. “Hombres con trenzas” has as its spokesman Esteban, a very nice guy, gentle and shy, accompanied by a couple of his female friends. The only problem is that these friends can’t see him as a man, but only as a guy with braids – a girl’s friend.

Website visitors are invited to participate in an online game and help Esteban to become a real man. The visitors are also encouraged to share photos of friends who have female mates (in the stills they get “upgraded” with braids) and images featuring examples of “ideal” relationship – when a guy is surrounded by ladies. They can also take a test and find out if they belong or not to that group of girl’s friends.

This campaign is also running on Facebook.

And in Argentina Axe released two funny commercials that passed a simple message: use the new AXE Ex-Friend and let your female friends see you as something more than just a friend.



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  1. Maria at 2:09 PM

    I don’t understand spanish, but still like the idea oh so much :)) Very funny campaign :) Yep, guys, don’t be lame:)

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