Axe Detailer Commercial: Clean Balls

Axe Detailer Commercial: Clean Balls

All recent Axe commercial had one thing in common. They all were exceptionally sexy. But the new TV spot they have launched, took their brand building to a whole new level. There’s not much to tell about this ad, but you just have to respect Axe for their brave marketing decisions. See bellow how Axe Detailer can clean your balls.

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  1. Laurie at 4:34 AM

    Ok, I’m very open-minded. I’m not easily offended… but come on! This commercial is just plain STOOPID. Not stupid, but stoopid. It’s not funny in any way. Ads like these make big businesses look desperate. Can’t the ad (wo)men come up with something INTELLIGENT? Why does everything have to be dumbed down?

  2. NelsonRage at 2:11 PM

    Very funny but strike one up for censorship again because they took “balls” off and say things that really make no sense or just aren’t funny on every station I have seen it on for the past week. Our country should realy lighten up.

  3. Jodi at 3:30 AM

    I HAD to buy a “DETAILER” for my son today a JOKE yes but also a real necissity…LOL

  4. Kyle at 8:31 AM

    Laurie, you’re a woman, your opinion doesn’t matter.

    Their demographic is guys, like me, in my age range, and I thought it was funny. It definitely caught my attention and I remembered the AD … which is the purpose of advertising. Let me clue you in to a little known fact. Dudes don’t want “intelligent” they want, funny, sexxy or both with explosions and destruction. If they walked on to the set of that commercial and started filming the girls talking about particle physics then that would be “stoopid”. No Laurie, you’re wrong. Ads like this do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and they’re funny, and guys don’t think AXE looks “desperate”.

    I already owned one of those AXE shower scrubber/buffer things before I saw the commercial, and guys … lemme tell you that you really DO NOT want to scrub your balls with that buffer side, unless you get some sort of sick kick out of causing yourself pain.

    Nelson, I have also noticed that on TV they now show a version that never mentions the word “balls”, and has been dubbed over with stuff that either makes no sense or is monumentally forgettable & unfunny when compared to the original … you’re right, chalk another victory up to the hypocritical protestant values our country was founded upon and the censors who blindly follow their lead.

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