AXE Commercial: The Look

AXE Commercial: The Look

Axe and advertising agency Ponce Buenos Aires have released this hysterical video spot the other day.

Axe is so fond of great commercials lately. One video after another hit the the screen. And they are great! In this spot, the creatives have explored how affective the smell is. Even after your looks have been stolen, you can still count on Axe fragrance. The “good” looking guy is Brazilian actor¬†Rodrigo Hilbert.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Client: Axe
General Creative Director: Ricardo Armentano
General Creative Director: Analia Rios
General Creative Director: Joaquin Cubria
Copywriter: Juan Ure
Art Direction: Christian Rosli
Agency Chief of Production: Roberto Carsillo
Agency Producer: Selva Dinelli
Planning: Marina Pen
Brand Planner: Matias Asencio
Brand Planner: Pedro Rojas
Production House: Rebolucion
Direction: Armando Bo
General Production: Mariano Avellaneda
Executive Production: Patricio Alvarez Casado
Post Production House: Pickle
Sound Track: Animal Music

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