AXE Commercial: Ted takes a Bath

AXE Commercial: Ted takes a Bath

AXE has collaborated with Seth MacFarlane and made this awesome campaign featuring a teddy bear.

This time our little friend Ted the Teddy Bear is having a bath. While bathing he speaks on the phone and tries to solve the relationship problems. And do not feel puzzled about the Ted’s voice. Yes, it is Seth’s voice in a Peter Griffin’s manner.

Seth MacFarlane is a famous creator of the hilarious TV show „Family Guy“. No wonder, why people like the Ted series, as well.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Client: AXE
Advertising Agency: Walton Isaacson, Chicago, USA
Creative Director: Miguel Garcia Castillo
Creatives: Andrew Holton, Grant Knapp
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Producer: Kevin James

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