AXE Commercial: Lifeguard

AXE Commercial: Lifeguard

AXE and BBH London have released this hilarious video from the “Apollo” campaign.

The company has released a funny “Fireman” commercial previously. Now it is time for a sexy lifeguard. He beats up a shark, but will he beat up an astronaut?

The brand has made this spot to show that the astronaut is better then anybody else. And offers to win a journey to space! All you have to do is visit their website and try your luck.

Watch the ad and share your opinion about it.


Agency: BBH London

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  1. Kelsie Carlton at 12:32 PM

    LOL. Funny video but it might spark some controversy because of the girl not expressing gratitude for the lifeguard who has saved her life. But then again it is all about the body spray advertisement.

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