Axe Commercial: Impact

Axe Commercial: Impact

Axe and Buzzman creative agency from Paris have made this hilarious commercial promoting Axe Shower Gel.

It features a guy at the beach surrounded by the beautiful models. Of course he wants them, unfortunately they are too good for him and would not even look at his side. Then he takes a shower, pours some Axe Shower Gel into his palm and starts rubbing his chest. Suddenly the girls’ attention is attracted. At this moment we would expect them to run and catch him. Not. They all start screaming and running away from him. You must see what they are running from.

The commercial is really funny. So there is no wonder why it became a hit on YouTube, reaching almost 3,500 000 views.

See the amazing video yourself and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Advertising Agency: Buzzman, Paris, France
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed‐Chérif
Art Director: Louis Audard
Copywriter: Tristan Daltroff
Account Managers: Thomas Granger, Julien Levilain, Olivier Lopez
Director: Wilfried Brimo
TV Producers: Coralie Cupillard, Edouard Bonnet
Production: Wanda
Post Production: One More
Sound Production: The

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